When asked about designer sunglasses, Michael Kors, the world famous “fashionista” said “I have more than 100 pairs of aviators….they are the epitome of classic cool.”

Ray Ban and Pau Rio agree, Michael.

Needless to say, Ray Ban has been the “go-to” source for aviator sunglasses for decades.

Enter Pau Rio, a fresh new face with an idea to do aviators better!  Yes, BETTER!!!

Before we tell you about the Pau Rio advantages, please know that you will find that the quality of Pau Rio comparable to Ray Ban.

Furthermore, from 4 feet or more away, the Pau Rio Aviator will look exactly like

Ray Ban.

OK, so here is where Pau Rio stands out:

Price; Ray Ban is $170 and up; Pau Rio is $149, with free shipping + 50% OFF coupon makes your sunglasses very affordable!

Guarantee: For nearly $200 for designer sunglasses, how it hurts when we lose or damage – and we all do, don’t we?

Accordingly, Pau Rio offers its Peace of Mind Guarantee – you lose or damage, Pau Rio will replace free – no questions asked.

Then there is the question of prescription lenses, which half of us need.

It will cost a fortune to have your Rx in a Ray Ban, as most of you already know; Pau Rio will do it for FREE – complete, with free shipping.

About reputation, you know about Ray Ban, but what about Pau Rio?  To dispel any doubts, you can try before you buy!  Your account will NOT be charged until 15 days after you place the order.

Finally, for those many of you who are tired of the over-priced expensive brands, you who pride yourself as a “non-conformist” seeking your OWN identity, here is Pau Rio; make it YOUR “go-to” brand for aviators.

(By the way, as you will see in paurio.com, Pau Rio also comes in Hollywoods and Aviators in Green, Blue and Gold mirror lenses.)