Los Angeles is so big, that finding a prescription sunglass store Los Angeles is challenging.

First, let’s talk about the City: In terms of population, Los Angeles is second to New York City with a population of about 4 million. It is about 470 square miles and counting the greater LA area, the population is about 19 million, also second to the NYC metro area. In Los Angeles, however, every family has a car(s).

Prescription Sunglass StoresIt is the cultural, financial, and commercial capital of southern California. Noted for Hollywood, it is the movie capital of the world.

It has a Mediterranean climate and traces it routes to Spain and Mexico.

Los Angeles is also known for its professional sports teams, especially the Dodger baseball team, and its universities, especially UCLA and USC.

Adjoining Los Angeles are numerous beach communities right on the Pacific Ocean with names like Manhattan Beach, Venice, Redondo, Long Beach and, of course, Malibu.

Are you getting the picture? Los Angeles is big, having a diverse community with mostly warm sunny days, easy access to many beaches and tons and tons of cars.

This spells sunglasses! How can you be without sunglasses in Los Angeles?

OK, so what about finding a prescription sunglass store Los Angeles?

There are many, many choices all over the place. There is no shortage of stores that will provide prescription sunglasses in LA.

There, however, 2 problems: Prescription sunglasses cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Paying $800 or more for prescription sunglass is not unheard of.

Next is the challenge of getting around. Did we forget to tell you Los Angeles is famous for its freeways, these wide, wide highways that are clogged with traffic? The LA freeways are almost always stop-and-go.

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