How Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes

The first issue with bright sunlight is that we can’t see very well when exposed to this glare.  We instinctively squint, which provides some, but not a whole lot of relief.

So we put on sunglasses which have tinted lenses. The tint in the lens dampens the brightness and allows us almost normal vision.  During certain times of the year, however, like late Fall, the sun can get so bright as evening approaches making driving without sunglasses dangerous.  We have all had this experience and all too often the sun visor in the car is not enough. Here’s where we should put on good quality sunglasses with large lenses.

OK, now that we can see ok with our sunglasses , on to the more serious issues of how the sun can damage our eyes.  

The culprit, in this case, is ultraviolet radiation, breaking down to UVA, UVB, UVC and HEV (blue light) radiation.  We will leave the details to the scientists and eye doctors. Our goal in this case is simply to be protected from this ever-present array of dangerous radiation.  These UV rays can cause a myriad of diseases and even, in extreme cases, blindness. UV rays are a big no-no!!!

Again, good quality sunglasses with large lenses will block out most of these harmful rays.

The big problem is that WE CANNOT SEE this ultraviolet radiation.  Thus the mistake we all make all the time is that we think we do not need protection for our eyes in the shade.  Wrong!

We can see the sun when it is bright so we think we are ok in the shade but the truth is UV rays are bombarding us during normal sun, bright sun, AND overcast, 365 days per year.

Bottom line – we should wear sunglasses in bright sunlight and in the shade, ALL YEAR LONG.

Next, certain conditions make the UV onslaught worse: Worse closer to the equator, worse at higher altitudes, worse 10:00 am to 2:00pm, worse when exposed to snow, sand and water, and worse with certain medications.

This applies more so to children, especially since they spend more time outdoors and the bad effects cumulate as they grow and get older.



So, if it is not nighttime and you are out of doors, wear sunglasses!

You already have sunglasses, so start wearing them more, and if you don’t have, we suggest where you can get good quality sunglasses with large lenses at a reasonable price and an amazing guarantee.