The demand for Pau Rio gray Hollywood sunglasses is as strong as ever.

Let’s start with the color of the lenses, gray. Whether it is in Uganda or North Dakota, the overwhelming choice for the color of lenses in sunglasses is gray.

This is curious for another reason. When glass was the standard lens, the color had to be in the mix when the glass was formed. It made sense, therefore, that you had just a few colors, usually gray, brown, green and rose.

With the advent of plastic lenses as the universal lens, however, it became as easy to have the color you want as tinting an Easter egg. The process in tinting a plastic lens is almost the same. The dye is mixed in a vat of water, heated, and then the lenses are dipped in until the desired tint is reached.

In other words, it is just as easy to make brown, green, purple, yellow or any color.

So why gray? Not sure. It caught on and has been this way from the beginning. It just seems to be the right color for sunglasses, particularly Hollywood sunglasses with that thick black plastic look.

Gray Hollywood SunglassesNext, it is fitting that we call our Pau Rio gray Hollywood sunglasses, Hollywood. Sunglasses actually first became big in 1920’s Hollywood, California, the movie capital of the world, when motion pictures, now seen all over the world, spawned the movie star. All of a sudden, these actors couldn’t go anywhere without being approached, or even mobbed by people.

To avoid this inconvenience, although some actors loved the experience, they sported sunglasses to avoid being recognized. What happened next turned out to be just the opposite; to see someone with sunglasses was to signal that perhaps the wearer is a movie star.

Then, the whole world, wanting to emulate their stars, started wearing sunglasses, and not just to shade themselves from the sun.

A favorite style of these motion picture people, both in front and behind the camera, turned out to be this black plastic frame, i.e. our Pau Rio Hollywood. It shouted out “…, important, power, beauty, celebrity.”

So here we go…..Pau Rio gray Hollywood sunglasses have become not just a beautiful fashion accessory and great protection from the annoying and harmful rays of the sun, but also a symbol of power, importance and celebrity.