We are all familiar with the word sunglasses:  Eyeglasses with lenses that block and filter the rays of the sun.  Makes sense, doesn’t it – Sunglasses?

What about glare?  Maybe we should call glasses that provide protection from glare glasses.

Truth is we call them Polarized Sunglasses.

discount polarized sunglasses onlineSo what is glare?  Everybody knows glare when they see it.  That painful, annoying concentration of sunlight in our eyes.  It is that intense light, usually reflected off a surface like a body of water or the hood of a car.  It can also be reflected from a snow surface.  At its worse, glare results in momentary blindness, not a great experience when we are steering a boat, driving at night of skiing down a hill.

Polarized sunglasses to the rescue!

So what are polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses have lenses with a film embedded on it with horizontal slots – think of a venetian blind – that blocks out the light, thus blocking out glare.

Do they cost more than standard sunglasses?  Of course they cost more, but only a little more, especially if you shop wisely and look for a discount.

Eyeglass professionals recommend polarized sunglasses to everybody, but especially to those who do boating and fishing, and of course, the rest of us who drive at night.

If you have polarized sunglasses, try driving at night with them and switch to glasses without polarized lenses.  You will see the difference right away.

There is no doubt that cost is an issue, not so much because of the extra cost of polarizing the lens, but because so many of the brands that offer polarized lenses are the high–priced big-name brands, sold in upscale outlets, at ridiculous prices.

The adventure, therefore, is to find discount polarized sunglasses, and the best place to do this is online.

blog_polerizedIt is challenging to search for discount polarized sunglasses online, but we have a tip for you: www.paurio.com.  Pau Rio polarized sunglasses are $65 available online.  Doesn’t that sound like a discount to you? To enhance the online discount, shipping is free and with the Peace of Mind Guarantee, it will be replaced free if you lose them.  There are a myriad of choices online, but paurio.com is a bona fide source for discount polarized sunglasses online.

How do you know the lenses are polarized?  Here is another little tip:  put one polarized lens on top of another, and turn the one in front at right angles.  If the lenses are polarized, the lenses will turn black making it impossible to see through them.