High fashion, high quality sunglasses don’t need to be expensive to make a statement.

We are about Peace of Mind at Pau Rio. We offer a guarantee like no other:

These are the last pair of sunglasses you will ever need.

Recent Reviews

  • ”This is on my Christmas list. They are very sophisticated. I know I can count on the quality.”
  • ”Seriously, nice workmanship and detail. I didn't think I'd wear the gold mirrors much but I like them just as much as the blue. Affordable quality. What a concept. And the POM takes away any stress of damage or lose.”
  • ”my daughter heard about Pau Rio from a blogger friend. I couldn't believe sunglasses with a Peace of Mind Guarantee? I had to see for myself. I love them so much, I bought the gold mirrors too. And no worries if I break or loose them; free replacement. Genius.”
  • ”These sunglasses are absolutely awesome! The price is great and they are fashionable and stylish. I live in NYC on the Upper West Side and get so many compliments from friends and family when I wear them. It is also fantastic that there is the option that they will be replaced for free if they are lost or stolen, as I am constantly losing sunglasses...! Overall, a great find - I am so glad I bought them :)”
  • ”These sunglasses are the perfect blend of classic style, affordability and functionality. They're light weight but built for maximum durability. Whenever I go on an adventure, or even a casual day out, they are the first things I take with me!”


Timeless & Iconic. The Aviator style continues to reign supreme in the sunglasses market.

These lightweight frames are perfect for driving up the coast with the top down, sailing on the open seas, or wine tasting in the vineyards.  However you live your adventure, Pau Rio Aviators set the stage for the adventure of a lifetime.




Sophisticated but laid-back. The Hollywood style is seen everywhere from the boardroom to the beach. These thick black frames casing dark lenses says something intriguing about the adventurer who wears them. Whether strolling the canals or lunching with friends, these sunglasses demand a second or third look from admirers.